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This 2-day seminar focuses on dog behavior, but with discussion of relevance for other species and parallels with human psychiatric disorders.

This seminar incorporates much of Nick’s recent research that resulted in his new book (release August 2016) Pets on the Couch - Neurotic Dogs, Compulsive Cats, Anxious Birds, and the New Science of Animal Psychiatry. 

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The human-dog relationship is the most unique and longest in the animal kingdom. Today 54 million American households include 78 million dogs that many people consider to be family.  And yet, America kills about 1.5 million dogs a year. “In truth, the only crime that these innocent animals are guilty of is that they were homeless – and their punishment is death!” ~ Dr. Michael Good, DVM, Atlanta, GA

If America aspires to be a No Kill nation—a goal with no single solution—it must go beyond rescue, adoption, neutering/spaying and puppy mills to include preventive solutions that tackle canine misbehavior that breaks the human-canine bond and results in euthanasia.

World renowned canine behaviorists Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, DVA, DACVAA, DACVB (Tufts University) and Dr. James A Serpell, PhD (University of Pennsylvania) believe that a dog’s “bond-breaking” unacceptable behavior (or misbehavior) is quite possibly a direct result of their human’s emotional or psychological state.  It is exactly this aspect of human-canine interaction that Dodman & Serpell are investigating in their Animal Ownership Interaction Study.

Information is power. With your help, Drs. Dodman & Serpell's findings can help future dog owners find their “happily ever after” with their dogs.

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