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The human-dog relationship is the most unique and longest in the animal kingdom. Today according to the American Pet Products Association, 54.4% of all US households own 77.8 million dogs. 

Studies reveal that “America’s pet owners now blur the lines between children and pet dogs with dogs becoming more important as family members, particularly as children." (Source: Psychology Today, Stanley Coren Ph.D., F.R.S.C. / Do We Treat Dogs The Same Way As Children In Our Modern Families? The line between dogs and children seems blurred in families. / May 02, 2011).

And yet, America kills about 1.5 million dogs a year. “In truth, the only crime that these innocent animals are guilty of is that they were homeless – and their punishment is death!” ~ Dr. Michael Good, DVM, Atlanta, GA

If America aspires to be a No Kill nation—a goal with no single solution—it must go beyond rescue, adoption, neutering/spaying and puppy mills to include preventive solutions that tackle canine misbehavior that breaks the human-canine bond and results in euthanasia.

World renowned canine behaviorists Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, DVA, DACVAA, DACVB (Tufts University) and Dr. James A Serpell, PhD (University of Pennsylvania) believe that a dog’s “bond-breaking” unacceptable behavior (or misbehavior) is quite possibly a direct result of their human’s emotional or psychological state. 

It was exactly this aspect of human-canine interaction that Dodman & Serpell's Animal Ownership Interaction Study was designed to address.

That study CLOSED with over 1,650 CCBS member dog owners completing the comprehensive survey -- the largest of its kind EVER! The analysis of the data has started and we expect publication of the study's findings to commence in the first quarter of 2017.

The Center expects to announce in 2017 how study findings are going to be utilzied in a real life-saving application! Stay tuned. 

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