The Center for Canine Behavior Studies announces great pleasure and appreciation that Dr. Ian Dunbar, BVetMed, PhD, MRCVS has joined the Center’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Dunbar’s academic and professional accomplishments are peerless and in our opinion deem him the Dean of Dogs. Starting his career with a Veterinary degree and a Special Honors degree in Physiology & Biochemistry from the Royal Veterinary College (London University), he went on to earn his Doctorate in animal behavior from the Psychology

Department at the University of California in joined the Society for Veterinary Ethology (now the International Society for Applied Ethology) over 40 years ago, at which time he was the only member specializing in dog behavior problems. In 1993, Dr. Dunbar founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, today know as the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, with a goal of helping trainers improve their knowledge and skills through education; today there are over 6,000 members. Dr. Dunbar was inducted into the Dog Fancy Hall of Fame along with four of his heroes, James Herriot, Konrad Lorenz, Lassie, and Balto. To learn more about this pioneer in canine and feline behavior and training, visit: Dean of Dogs