No Kill


“No Kill starts as an act of will . . . .The decision to end an animal’s life is an extremely serious one, and should always be treated as such. No matter how many animals a shelter kills, each and every animal is an individual, and each deserves individual consideration.” ~ No Kill Advocacy Organization

There are an estimated 83 million dogs in homes across America of which an estimated 14 million were adopted. Yet for all the love Americans have for their dogs, and the increasingly elevated status of dogs to full family member, an estimated 2.2 million dogs are destroyed annually.

Most are victims simply because they end up in an over-taxed animal rescue adoption system through abandonment by their original owners, or through return because of mismatched adoption.

Weakening or rupture of the human owner-dog bond because of a dog’s perceived behavior problem is a major factor leading to a dog’s relinquishment or return to a shelter. Often the behavioral issue that occurs is normal behaviors for the dog; some are breed specific, but may occur in an inappropriate context and be unacceptable to the owner.

The sad result is that behavior is the # 1 killer of dogs under the age of 3, especially among the majority of dogs that enter the animal rescue-adoption system. This reinforces the need to further help adoption shelters succeed in placing the right dog with the right owner and to educate owners about how best to care for and interact with their dog.

Watch these videos to understand why we must do more for man’s best friend.

Warning: these are emotionally hard hitting videos.