Our Affiliates


Our affiliates are organizations that we believe provide valuable information or services to our members. 

Homeless Pet Clubs

Homeless Pet Clubs (HPC) is an adjunct organization of the Homeless Pets Foundation (HPF), a 501(C)3 nonprofit created in 1998 by Dr. Michael Good, an Atlanta, Georgia veterinarian, to save homeless pets. In 2010, HPF created Homeless Pet Clubs (HPC), to give students, civic leaders, and business owners the opportunity to share their love of animals by promoting animal rescue, responsible pet ownership, adoption of shelter animals, and animal welfare.

We are proud to partner with Dr. Michael Good and his organization save the lives of animals and help children.

Dr. Good’s mantra is, “We want to save them all!” And in the process “We want children to learn to be kind to living things; be kind to animals and be kind to each other.” Response to the school, businesses, and civic clubs has been overwhelming, with each club choosing pets to “sponsor” and promote for adoption. Teachers lead the charge for the school clubs, and report benefits to students that includes: decreased absenteeism, increased involvement, compassion, responsibility, creativity, cooperation and enthusiasm for learning. Children develop improved social skills, a heightened sense of achievement and self worth, and an expanded awareness of networking for good. One of the most important results is decreased bullying.

Best of all it’s fun, FREE, and effective! If you are a CT organization or individual involved in animal rescue and adoption, or a parent that has children in school, please contact us to help introduce this program to your local school and shelter.

Download the HPC Trifold Brochure

You may also contact Dr. Michael Good directly at 770-971-0100 and let him know you heard about his program through The Simon Foundation Center for Canine Behavior Studies.

FREE Pet Chip Registry™

Over 40% of pets that are implanted with microchips cannot be found in a pet registry database anywhere. (Source: Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA).

The high rate for return of microchipped dogs and cats to their owners supports microchipping as a valuable permanent pet identification modality, but fees required to register and maintain registration service are a major impediment to pet registration.

Free Pet Chip Registry™ changes that as the first truly free pet microchip registration site in the world—no registration fee and no maintenance fees.

ANY BRAND of microchip can be registered.

Free Pet Chip Registry is the best insurance you’ll ever have, because it’s free for the life of your pet.


PetPlace.com – the web’s # 1 source of pet information. PetPlace has over 11,000 Veterinarian approved articles on your companion animal’s symptoms, diseases, medications, food and behavior, and much more. With over 1 million visitors a month, PetPlace is pet owner proven for its reliable information.

PetPlace founder Dr. Jon Rappaort received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. In 1983, he completed an internship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital focusing on small animal medicine and surgery, and in 1985 he completed a residency at Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in small animal internal medicine specializing in fiber optic scoping and ultra-sound.


TawzerDog is the online source for books, DVDs, training tools and more that dog owners need when they want to understand and deal with all aspects of canine behavior, training and care; and most importantly understanding and supporting the human-canine relationship.

The company offers many DVDs with Dr. Nicholas Dodman addressing canine issues, such as dominance aggression, storms & other phobias, separation anxiety & treatment protocols, obsessive-compulsive disorders, hyperactivity, reactivity & lack of attention, fear aggression & territorial protocols, and much more.