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Sponsors The Simon Foundation Connecticu's largest no kill shelter sanctuary for over 6oo animals a year

The Center for Canine Behavior Studies is made possible through the generosity and support of The Simon Foundation, one of Connecticut’s largest no kill animal rescue and adoption centers located in Bloomfield. The Foundation was founded by Mark and Linda Greenberg. Every year over 500 Animals who would have otherwise been abandoned, neglected, abused, or euthanized through no fault of their own, find new, loving, forever homes, or live out their lives in peace in the sanctuary of The Simon Foundation.

Philanthropic businesses of any size that support the Center’s canine behavior studies will help companion animals, their owners and adoption shelters across America. The Center may be headquartered in CT, but the unnecessarily killing of adoptable dogs is a national issue. Business partners that can provide long-term funding to support the Center’s mission and studies can help the Center and its volunteers find ways to helping stop our nation’s annual canine holocaust.

To explore ways your company could enter into a charitable partnership with the Center for Canine Behavior Studies, please contact the Center’s Executive Director Chris Janelli at 860-485-4066 or contact us by email.


About the Halo Pet Foundation


The Halo Pet Foundation was established by Ellen DeGeneres and her natural pet food company Halo, Purely for Pets® to improve the well-being of pets and the people who love them, and to educate on responsible pet ownership. The Foundation is largely funded by Halo, Purely for Pets, which donates (at minimum) five times the national corporate average to philanthropic organizations.

The holistic pet food company is active in numerous philanthropic endeavors in addition to its support of the Foundation.

For over 25 years, Halo, Purely for Pets® has created holistic pet products of uncompromising quality. Halo believes nutrition is the single most important factor in the quality of a pet’s life. When you choose Halo, we feed it forward, donating over 1.5 million meals to shelter pets annually, in partnership with Freekibble.com. Ellen DeGeneres – a long time Halo customer – became part-owner in 2008. In 2010, Halo donated 1 million meals to shelter pets for the U.S. Postal Service Adopt a Shelter Pet Stamp Program. Halo now sponsors the acclaimed PBS series “Shelter Me,” the Olate Dogs Rescue Tour 2014-15, LoveAnimals.org, and many more animal rescue efforts. Halo’s natural dog food, natural cat food, treats, supplements and grooming products are available at Petco, Sprouts, PetSmart Canada, and other fine pet specialty and natural food stores. Learn more at Halo, Purely for Pets®

Membership in the Center for Canine Behavior Studies receives a free DOGNITION ASSESSMENT – a $19.00 value.

While just about every dog owner is convinced their dog is a genius, until recently, scientists had not taken their pronouncements particularly seriously. All that changed with the publishing of new research suggesting that canines are indeed quite bright, and in many ways unique. Dr. Brian Hare, an associate professor in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University, is one of the leading figures in the quest to understand what dogs know. The founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, Dr. Hare created Dognition, an online tool which anybody can use to play science-based games with their dog. These games are designed to discover the cognitive strengths and skills their dog uses in daily life, strengths and skills which make up each dog’s unique genius. This unique genius is measured through their relative strengths in the established canine cognitive dimensions: Empathy, Communication, Cunning, Memory and Reasoning. Uncovering the unique genius of your dog is the first step in truly understanding what is going on in the mind of your 4-legged friend.

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