Our Mission


Our Mission: To maintain the behavioral wellness of dogs and strengthen the human-companion animal bond to ensure that dogs remain in their owners’ home as trusted and valued companions for life.

Our Motto: A home for life for all dogs.

In pursuit of that mission, the Center for Canine Behavior Studies investigates and studies the most unique inter-species interaction in the animal kingdom.

Behavior is the # 1 killer of dogs under the age of 3.

Behavior is why people have pets, but unacceptable behavior is the primary reason why people relinquish them.

By observing and analyzing the myriad factors that surround the lives of dogs and their owners, we will better understand the problems—and solutions—to reducing avoidable abandonment or return of dogs into the shelter system.

The Center supports owners in resolving dog behavior problems that can lead to relinquishment and all too often ultimately euthanasia.

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