The Bond

Photos/1069-nW3INhc1pH67.jpgPhoto: Nick & Rusty

The human-dog bond is unique and the longest in the Animal Kingdom; evidence indicates 15,000 years and some controversial research indicates early dogs may have appeared as human companions as early as 33,000 years ago. Today, domesticated dogs are wholly dependent upon mankind for their wellbeing. In return, humans form relationships that—quite literally—can be lifesaving. There is nothing like the non-judgmental unconditional love of a dog for its master and family.

Despite all their differences and no matter their heritage, man’s best friend is a mirror of man’s best (loyalty, steadfastness, strong work ethic) and worst (aggression, anxiety and neurosis) qualities.

All dogs—no matter what their breed—share a common body language that speaks to both fellow dogs and observant humans. All dogs can learn an astounding number of human language words and are skilled at recognizing other human cues—both body language and vocal tone. The fact is dogs too often understand their human owners better than the human understands them.

Like humans, communication between a dog and its human owner are the key to compatibility, mutual understanding and having a lifelong loving friendship.